Overview of Services

The Qualitative and Mixed Methods Core (QMMC) is an institutional core that will support the performance of rigorous qualitative and mixed methods (QMM) research at the PSCOM/PSHealth. The mission of the QMMC is to provide infrastructure and support for multi-disciplinary, collaborative, translational QMM research and to help incorporate QMM externally funded grant applications. Officially launched in January 2020 and co-directed by Drs. Lauren Jodi Van Scoy and Heather Stuckey, the QMMC will consist of three services for supporting projects with qualitative and/or mixed methods aims.

The QMMC will provide three main services: 1) Study Design/Consultation; 2) Education; and 3) Implementation Services.

1. Study Design/Consultation: A QMMC director will work with the investigator(s) to review study objectives and aims, and provide guidance on how best to incorporate qualitative and/or mixed methods practices to meet the goals of the project.
2. Education: QMMC directors will host regular workshops and hold lectures to support the training of investigators interested in QMM methodologies.
3. Implementation Services: Staff will be trained to assist QMMC users with implementation of QMM research, including interviewing, transcription, coding, IRB procedures, etc.

VISION: To improve the scope, quality, and rigor of qualitative and mixed methods (QMM) clinical and translational research at PSCOM/PSHealth

MISSION: Provide infrastructure and support for multi-disclipinary, collaborative, clinical and translational research that involves qualitative and mixed methods


Heather Stuckey, D. Ed.|Co-Director

Lauren Jodi Van Scoy, MD|Co-Director

Bethany Snyder, MPH|Research Project Manager and Administrative Core Lead


Location and hours of operation

Hours      Location

8:00 am - 5:00 pm 

     500 University Drive
     Mail code H041
     Hershey, PA 17033


Name Role Phone Email Location
Bethany Snyder
Research Project Manager
717-531-0003 X281551
500 University Drive, Hershey, PA 17033