The Aperio Slide Scanning Core (COM)

Overview of Services

The Aperio Slide Scanning Core at Penn State College of Medicine provides whole slide digital imaging utilizing the state-of-the-art Aperio AT2 digital slide scanner. Glass histology slides have long been the standard for analysis of normal, mutant, and disease microanatomy. Recent advancements in microscopy and computers have made possible exciting new ways to share, store and analyze the data from traditional glass slides. With the introduction of slide scanning technologies glass slides can be imaged in their entirety and saved as Virtual slides in computer databases.

Our Core seeks to provide researchers the ability to image entire glass histology slides at either 20X or 40X while storing the data as a virtual slide that can be viewed through Aperio image scope software. Researchers can then take these data back to their lab and apply the images to their labs image analysis pipeline, in publications or simply long term storage.
Digital slide scanning service at 20X or 40X
Aperio AT2 Digital Slide Scanner


Neil Christensen, PhD Faculty Director 717-531-6185
Jean Copper, MS Core Director 717-531-5301

Location and hours of operation

Hours Location

Weekdays 9:00 to 4:00

500 University Drive
Hershey, PA 17033

*During weekday hours by appointment



Name Role Phone Email Location
Jean Copper
Core Director